We provide a flexible daily schedule in a combined classroom for children ages 3 through 5. Our program is open to all children.


Pre-K 3
3 Day or 5 Day Option
Pre-K 3 (3 Days) meets MWF 9-12
Pre-K 3 (5 Day) meets MWF 9-12
and T &TH 9-12:30 (lunch 12-12:25)
September through May 
Children must turn 3 by the first day of school.
All children must be potty trained.
Our Pre-K 3's will spend the year developing their social skills, independence, and problem-solving skills.  The children will learn to express their ideas and feelings through various creative experiences.  Theme driven, play-based curriculum is provided and tailored to the needs of each individual child. 
Pre-K 4

5 Days

MWF 9-12 and T&TH 9-12:30

September through May

On Tuesday and Thursday, children will have lunch at school at 12:00.  Lunch time is provided to help prepare the children for a group lunchtime in Kindergarten. 

Along with our enriched theme driven, play-based curriculum, the Pre-K 4 program will focus on important Kindergarten readiness skills. Children will work on literacy skills, math concepts, and science exploration. Our curriculum is developed to meet the needs of each individual child.